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Sermons (Reflections)

November 5 2017

"Bind us Together" - The seat of privilege (focus on African Americans & white privilege) - This reflection is by guest speaker Archie Webster, who is the pastor of He is for us Ministries in Luray. Luke 14:1, 7-14.

October 29 2017

"Bind us Together" - Refugees - This reflection is about the struggles refugees deal with that cause them to flee their home and how the Church World Service Harrisonburg Refugee Resettlement Program helps some of those people. Matthew 25:35,36,40 & Hebrews 13:2. This reflection is by Megan Matteson who works with the Harrisonburg refugee program.

October 22 2017

"Bind us Together" - Native Americans - This reflection touches on the history of the relationship of Native Americans to the Europeans who 'discovered' this continent, and how many people were mistreated. Micah 4:1-4.

October 15 2017

"Bind us Together" - Immigrants - This reflection deals with trying to understand what it must be like to leave one's home and go to another country to live. Reflection by Ed Rissler. Genesis 12:1-4, Ruth 1:1-2, Matthew 2:13-15.

October 8 2017

"Bind us Together" - Muslims - This reflection deals with trying to understand the beliefs of the Islamic faith. Reflection by Jean Rissler. Philippians 2:1-18. If you would like you may download the powerpoint that was used during this reflection.

September 10 2017

"Bind us Together" - First reflection in a series about binding us together with those who are different from us. Scripture from Luke 12.

May 28 2017

"God cares for you" Life can be difficult, and things don't always happen the way we would like them to, but God has the 'big picture' of our lives, and He will take care of us. John 17:1-11, Acts 1:6-14, 1 Peter 4:12-14,5:6-11.

May 21 2017

"I will tell" A reflection on being the hands and feet of Christ. Ephesians 1:15-23, Luke 24:44-53.

May 14 2017

Acts 7:55-60, 1 Peter 1

May 7 2017

'Good Shepherd Sunday'. This reflection is based largely on the 23rd Psalm, connecting tending sheep to our modern lives. Psalm 23, John 10:1-10.

April 30 2017

What are we to do with the Easter message? How does it touch our lives and make a difference? A reflection on the human responses to the events. Acts 2:14,22-32; Luke 24:13-35.

April 23 2017

Life after the resurrection. John 20:19-31, Acts 2:14,22-32, 1 Peter 1:3-9. Reflection by Jean Rissler.

April 2 2017

Lent 5: Restore us, O God! We Breathe. Ezekiel 37:1-14 & John 11:1-45. When we come to the end of our own human strength, vitality, and purpose, we recognize the reality of death in and around us. God, who is spirit, breathes life into us, revealing God's glory and purpose. We, and the community, are restored.

March 19 2017

Lent 3: Restore us, O God! We thirst. Exodus 17:1-7 & John 4:5-42. Our bodies know the desperate need for water: we cannot survive without it. Likewise, our deepest selves are parched and yearn to be drenched in God's love. God, who is love, quenches our thirst so that we can live into the fullness of life.

March 12 2017

Lent 2: Restore us, O God! We wonder. Genesis 12:1-4 & John 3:1-17. In our humanness, we want to know, to define, and to have concrete answers for everything. However, life is filled with uncertainty. We trust that God, the great Mystery, is always present with us in our wondering. Reflection by Ed Rissler.

March 5 2017

Lent 1: Restore us, O God! We hunger. Luke 4:1-13. As humans we hunger for many things. God, our provider, knows our deepest longings, offering both sustenance and deliverance from temptation.

November 13 2016

Last sermon in 7 part series about how Jesus acts in unexpected ways.
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July 17 2016

Israel and Palestine. James Rissler helps us understand the conflicts in this region.
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February 28 2016

Lent 3: "Living Ink: Leaping off the page. A reflection focusing on Isaiah 55:1-9. How good are the things we can receive at no cost?
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November 29 2015

Advent Sunday 1 - Freedom bound: The Path of Justice.
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November 22 2015

This last Sunday of the church calendar is known as 'Christ the King' Sunday. The scriptures for this Sunday contain kingdom language, the reign of God. What do the kingdoms of our world today look like, and how to they compare to what the reign of Christ is to be?
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November 15 2015

Jesus offers us a 'new and living way', a way of hope and reconciliation. Jesus made Himself a one time sacrifice so we don't have to go through the rituals of sacrifice in the Old Testament, and through Him we can go into the 'Holy of Holies'. Hebrews 10:10-25.
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November 8 2015

Psalm series part 6 of 6
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October 25 2015

Psalm series part 4 of 6 - Lament: Will the Lord reject forever? Psalm 77.
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October 11 2015

Psalm series part 2 of 6 - Praise: You visit the earth and water it. Psalm 65.
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October 4 2015

Psalm series part 1 of 6 - Desire: My soul thirsts for You. Psalm 63:1-7.
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