Sunday Mornings:

Sunday School begins at 9:30.
Worship Service begins at 10:30. You are welcome to come Join Us!

BSMC Ministries

Backpack Program
We partner with other local churches to support the backpack program in the community. This program provides food to school children over the weekends and holidays. Many children in the area are in need of food assistance and they rely on meals they get at school. The backpack program extends that over the weekend by giving the children a backpack full of food on Fridays when they leave school.

Page One
We support Page One in Luray. We provide them with financial assistance as well as volunteer there one wednesday a month to help clean and organize the shop. Page One is a thrift store charity serving Page County in Virginia. Their mission is to provide family assistance to those in the community who are unemployed, or unable to feed their family or meet their financial needs.

Prayer Shawls
One evening a month a group meets at church to knit, knot, and crochet. One of the things that is made is prayer shawls. These are given to those in need of prayer as a physical symbol to know they are being surrounded with prayer.

Thelma's Ministry / Sonshine Ministry
This is a ministry of sending cards, flowers, fruit baskets, etc. for many occasions. Visitation is provided as well, especially in times of need.

Prayer Ministry
A group meets at church on Wednesdays for prayer.

Life Support Group
One Sunday a month there is a meeting at church for confidential sharing together and joining each other on their life journey through all its trials and joys.